Helen's Hamster Pages and Hamster Pictures

Welcome to my Hamster Web Site

Picture of Neo the HamsterOn these pages are some of my experiences of owning hamsters and part of my collection of hamster pictures. I have written these pages to tell people the things I have learnt about hamsters. This includes how they can be cute and devious, Muffy's story about his hamster cage, the hamster language, and the escape techniques of hamsters. I have added FAQs about syrian / golden hamsters to answer some of the e-mails sent to me. There is a section of hamster pictures that I am always trying to update.

Pages in my site are:

Neo's Photo Album

These hamster pictures were mainly taken when Neo was about 6 months old. At that time he had long fluffy fur around his tail.

Muffy's Photo Album

Here are four pictures of Muffy taken one evening when he was playing on the sofa and a picture of his cage.

Links to the world of hamsters

Visit my page of Web Links for my favourite sites.
Visit the newsgroup "alt.pets.hamsters" to post news about hamsters.

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